About us


What is Direct Buy?

Direct Buy™ (DB) has been a pathway to any kind of Japanese products.

You may realize to experience quality shopping from Japan. As we have received more than 100,000 orders/exports so far, we are professional of handling the business of international sales.

Here, are the components that emphasize the core of our services.

  • Delivery: We have developed our own shipment management system, that realizes very prompt delivery.
  • Low-cost: As having direct transactions with manufacturers, we may be competitive in very reasonable pricing for the customers.
  • Experienced: From our rich experiences of the profession, we may promptly react to even unexpected/sudden accidents and so on, resulting in much better customer satisfaction.
  • Customer Support: 24/7 all-day we may provide English communication and trouble shooting with our customers.


Our Message

Welcome to DB! We are very glad to have an opportunity that you know us.

We believe what we do may directly connect you and us, people and people, people and products… that makes people happy in each different way.

As grown up in Japan, we love our home country and home made stuff. So we are really happy that you guys living out of Japan love them, too, and even purchase them from us, such far away from yourselves.

With gratitude and respect, this is why we are in this field of work, with providing even concierge service for you.

Hopefully we will be satisfying you so soon; We understand it is as easy to occur troubles as handling international transactions, but we promise to always assist with you, with bunch of smiles and our hearts of Omotenashi.


Our Mission

“Link to Link” - connect supply and demand regardless of distance, border, nationality, and any barrier like those.

Having quality Japanese products and services that we love available to anyone.

Omotenashi - mindset with attempt leading to the best solution in any situation.