金閣寺 --- The Golden Pavilion

by DB Staff on August 19, 2016

Let me introduce "Kinkakuji" or "The Golden Pavilion”

When you have chance to go and visit Kyoto, please stop by at "Kinkakuji".

It is worth looking at and impressive , gorgeous , majestic because gold leaf is used in abundance.  Kinkakuji is one of the historic temple that had been represented Japan history.

It is no exaggeration to say almost all Japanese have visited once and known.

The original builder named Yoshimitsu Ashikaga who was the third generation Shogun in the Muromachi period  1300s.

Amazingly, in last year another historic building ”shadowy" seven-storied pagoda's top portion of debris were found on the premises of Kinkakuji

If it were present now, the tower was the height of 110 meter, according to legend.

Please enjoy visiting ancient history and feel the spirit.

Written by Haruka

Kinkakuji in zoom

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