Mountain Days national holidays in Japan 国民の祝日の制定

by DB Staff on August 11, 2016


“Mountain Days” enact / establish of national holidays starting from 2016 in Japan, it is on August 11. Bon Festival is very close to that date, so, long holiday season for summer is established in Japan now.

There is the organization called "Diet members caucus for Mountains Days"      amazingly enact/establish the Mountain Days.

The main reason for this holiday is the opportunity to become familiar with the mountain, and appreciate and thankful to the mountain of benefits

The proportion of the mountain area of the land in Japan is approximately 70%.

Residents in Japan think we receive many benefits from natures and mountains. And it was also believed that there are a lot of gods in mountains back in the day.

Hopefully, it provides a little bit spirit of nature and gateway back to nature in this overdeveloped technology world.

Written by Haruka     


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